If You Want to Build Your BOFF!

                         You MUST Build Leaders!

BOFF = Business-Organization-Family-Friend

Building Leaders in today’s society needs to start at an early level. Childhood. That’s right – the younger the better. We are all born with the innate conscience of what is right and what is wrong. The question of nature vs. nurture is one that goes together. This is because people do what people see and people repeat what people hear. The question stems from who is responsible? Parental units! Our Churches, schools, colleges, organizations, and career paths need to be a continuous instruction ground. Teaching the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and encouraging everyone to live by it would take us in an entirely different direction. Sounds so simplistic.

We need to consciously and consistently work to break the poverty mentality. We need to instruct everyone how money works and how to use it. Each of us needs to learn ways to live within our income. Credit is not terrible if used in wise ways. We need parenting classes at all levels, youth through grandparents. We need to instruct simple life skills like how to shop, cook a meal, make a purchase, where to focus ongoing learning, and the list goes on and on.

We are all born with the potential to become leaders. The cultivating or discouragement depends on who and what each person hangs around and listens to.

Instruct-able Leadership Qualities:

  1. Involve everyone to create a path to follow to achieve the vision.

  2. Relationship Building

  3. Conflict management

  4. Financial responsibility

  5. Build Trustworthiness

  6. Encourage honest feedback and criticism

  7. Install high standards for integrity

  8. Realize that true leadership is not all about you

  9. Know that there is always a price to pay

  10. Know your gifts and talents.

  11. Identify your weaknesses and build on your strengths

  12. Continuous ongoing learning

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